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Compliance is critical

Compliance is critical to your medical billing:

Three Commandments of E&M

  1. Perform whatever service you deem appropriate for any patient, within the scope of your expert medical judgment.
  2. Give yourself credit for everything you do for the patient, by documenting each fact carefully and in appropriate detail.
  3. Document the medical necessity for the level of care you provide.

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ACCN Billing Services delivers experienced, turnkey physician billing for skilled nursing and continuing care organizations and physician groups.

Working with ACCN means worry-free claims preparation and prompt billing to assure:

  • Strict compliance with medical necessity
  • Accurate coding
  • All visits captured
  • Improved cash flow

Why work with ACCN?

Because an audit can be costly, and we are physician billing experts:

  • We know the rules – and we make sure you know them too.
  • We are rigorous about documenting medical necessity.
  • We train your physicians and provide ongoing support in coding claims accurately.
  • We minimize denials by requesting more documentation when needed.

Compliance is paramount.

Medical necessity of a service is the overarching criterion for payment in addition to the individual requirements of a CPT code.

For every service billed, you must indicate the specific sign, symptom, or patient complaint that makes the service reasonable and necessary.

For all E&M codes, there must be a face-to-face encounter with the patient.

Our goal is to keep our clients 100% compliant with physician billing rules; our expertise in billing for post-acute care and home health visits is unmatched.

Our clients rate us highly.

Here’s how we earn consistently high satisfaction ratings from our clients:

  • Accurate claims. We give providers the tools and training to expertly code claims – and we audit your claims to ensure accurate coding.
  • Timely billing. Our streamlined process assures your claims are submitted quickly to keep your cash pipeline flowing.
  • Receivables follow-up. We follow up on outstanding claims and act as your advocate in the rare instances when rebilling or other resolution is required.
  • Clear, informative reporting. You can easily review claims and revenue by payer and by physician, and you can request custom reports. We also provide a benchmarking comparison that shows you how your community measures up in terms of physician visits per bed.