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Process plus training

ACCN Billing Services specializes in physician billing – with a focus on sub-acute, nursing home, and home care.

Good questions and specific, accurate answers produce outstanding documentation:

  • Why are you seeing the patient? (Medical necessity)
  • Where is the problem — very specifically?
  • What have you done for the patient?
  • What tests are you going to order?
  • What do you plan to do to help this patient?

ICD-10 has upped the ante for physician billing; coding rules are more stringent than ever before. Physicians need to know how to document and facilitate claims that demonstrate medical necessity and pinpoint the exact services delivered using the most accurate modifiers.

Care, coding, and compliance

These three Cs of good billing – care, coding, and compliance – are at the foundation of ACCN’s billing process.

  • We give our clients tools and strategies for documenting the care their physicians provide.
  • We help physicians sharpen their coding skills.
  • We make sure the claims we submit on our clients’ behalf comply with the rules and regulations of Medicare and other payers.

ACCN Billing helps your doctors help us by providing:

  • Physician billing forms to make it easy for physicians to fully document their services
  • Physician training on billing guidelines and how to code using ICD-10
  • Online resources to help physicians stay up-to-date on compliance updates and other issues

Customized reporting provides a clear picture of your billing and more:

  • Easily review claims and revenue by payer and by physician
  • Benchmarking comparison provides a measure of physician staffing and quality of care by comparing your physician visits per bed against data from other, similar providers
  • Receive your reports monthly or on a schedule you request

A process that works.

01 visit-audit


Physician visit audit

1. Physician visit audit

Periodic visit documentation review helps confirm that physicians are maintaining compliance in completing their visit notes.

02 training


Physician training

2. Physician training

In-person or webinar training by our experienced team of expert coders and billers, plus references and tips to keep documentation standards high.

03 billing-forms


Physician billing forms

3. Physician billing forms

Billing forms serve as a template to help physicians keep compliance in mind as they complete their documentation.

04 billing


Payer billing

4. Payer billing

Timely, accurate billing based on care, coding, and compliance.

05 claims


Outstanding claims follow-up

5. Outstanding follow-up

We follow up on all outstanding claims and complete the rare rebill or provide additional documentation to promote good cash flow.

06 benchmarking


Benchmarking & reporting

6. Benchmarking & reporting

Reports are clear, making it easy to track claims and revenue, and are customized based on your needs.